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(Prompt: Are you still taking prompts? Could you do a LewviThur with stress smoker arthur? Like, maybe they have a fight and Arthur disapears, and they eventually get nervous and paniced bc "oh god our bfs been gone for too long where is he" and they look everywhere, LEWIS finally finding him only to see 2 packs empty, making his way through a third- and Lewis can still se the tears on his cheeks. .7. )

Lewis could count the number of times he had seen Arthur angry on one hand.

He remembered Arthur telling him when he was alive that their over six foot friend was terrifying when angry. Back then Lewis next to never got angry either. And while he had mellowed out considerably since his time of death, both Arthur and Vivi had noticed he still had a bit of a fiery temper now.

Lewis could agree that he didn’t get angry very much while alive. Arthur, on the other hand, didn’t seem to have a mad bone in his body.

He’d known the guy since they were twelve years old and he could only recall Arthur getting angry, legitimately angry, maybe once or twice. Arthur just wasn’t the type. Annoyed? Yes. Scared? More often than not. Happy? Not as much as he used to be but it was still in there somewhere. Lewis was still baffled at himself for ever thinking Arthur could be angry enough to purposely push him off a cliff.

In retrospect, seeing him mad was actually pretty disturbing.

 “Did you seriously fall asleep on your workbench again?”


“Arthur, I swear to god, you’re going to kill yourself if this keeps up.”

Said mechanic rolled his eyes at the girl in blue. “Don’t be so dramatic. I’m used to it.”

“Correction,” Lewis grumbled while crossing his arms. “You’re used to working yourself too hard and passing out. That’s not healthy, Arthur.”

Okay, so maybe he did do that a few times…a lot…but it still wasn’t anything to nag him over. Or at least Arthur didn’t think so. “What are you, my mom? I’m fine.” He turned back to his project (that he had fallen asleep on) and ignored the groan that Vivi gave him.

“You do know that we have an important case tonight, right? I swear if you start complaining you’re tired, we’re leaving you behind.”

It wasn’t meant to be anything other than a joke. But the second Arthur froze from Vivi’s words, Lewis knew that line had struck a nerve. Whether it was from the lack of sleep or the insecurities the ghost was certain were still in his friend’s mind was left undetermined…at least for now. “Leave m– Vivi, are you serious?”

The blue girl paused. She hadn’t meant for Arthur to take that so personally. “What do you think? Come on Artie, you should know-”

Something inside of Arthur snapped and his already frail walls came crumpling down. It didn’t take much. “It’s because I’m useless, isn’t it?”

Silence. Lewis and Vivi were too shocked to answer. Arthur couldn’t really think that, could he?

“I knew it.” The hurt in his expression was hardly masked. Arthur turned and began to walk away, determined to hide the tears threatening to spill out, but Vivi and Lewis were right on his heels.

“Arthur wait! You’ve got it all wrong! That’s not what I meant!”

He wasn’t having any of it. “Bullshit,” he huffed out. “Forget it. I didn’t want to go to that stupid hospital anyway.”

“Come on, you can’t mean that…”

“And what the hell do you know?!” Arthur turned around again, eyes furious. Just the anger alone was enough to make Vivi pause. She had never seen such a look in her best friend’s eyes before. “It’s always what you want to do, isn’t it? I swear the word “no” isn’t in your goddamn vocabulary. Haunted mansion this, haunted library that. And even when nobody else thinks it’s a good idea, you just go on ahead anyway and force us to come too. Do you ever think about anyone but yourself, Vivi?”

That set Lewis off. “Stop right there,” he warned, clenching his fists tightly. “You know damn well that’s not true, Arthur.”

Arthur gritted his teeth. “Of course you’d take her side!” His anger was directed at the ghost now. “You always take her side!”

“I’m not taking sides. You’re being unreasonable.” Lewis, Vivi noted, was eerily calm. She wasn’t sure what was more terrifying, an angry Arthur or a calm Lewis when he should be angry.

“I am not being unreasonable! You two are always taking each other’s sides! Why the hell am I even here?! If you guys didn’t want me to travel with you, all you had to fucking do was say so!”

With that, Arthur walked out the door and slammed it shut. Vivi had immediately noticed the tears start to fall down the blonde’s cheeks. But when she went to chase after him, Lewis put a hand on her shoulder. “Let him go,” he said, expression unreadable. It didn’t help that normally in skeletal form Lewis was hard to read, but now he was actively trying to be difficult.

“But we can’t just leave him!”

Lewis’ eyes softened and his human guise came back into place. He gently put a hand on her cheek. “You know how he is. Arthur says things he doesn’t mean all the time. He’ll get over it.”

Vivi didn’t seem convinced. “Just give him some space. He’ll come back in a few hours. He always does.”



Somehow the house seemed quieter with Arthur gone. It was hard to even fathom why. Usually Arthur was hulled up in his workshop tinkering with god-knows-what. He never made a lot of noise.

But the heavy silence that loomed over everyone left Vivi going practically insane. When one of them was upset, all of them were. Each of them dealt with it in different ways. Vivi was silent and usually pouted until she couldn’t take it anymore. Mystery would sleep and wait for things to play out.

Arthur would…well…

And Lewis had to keep moving. Sometimes he left the house to just walk around but usually he would clean things or rearrange rooms and furniture.

Which was exactly what he was doing now.

Vivi hated this. She hated it when they fought and she hated feeling like this even more. They were so distracted that they had to call off the investigation until tomorrow (it was Mystery’s demand). Arthur’s words, even if they didn’t mean them, were gnawing at her. As she watched her ghostly boyfriend wipe down the kitchen counter for what was probably the thousandth time, she finally spoke up. “Lew?”


“Do I really seem like that?”

The ghost paused in his cleaning and turned to face her slightly. “Like what?”

“Like… I don’t care what other people say? That I only care about myself…?”

There was a pause before Lewis sighed. Setting down the rag, he floated over and sat next to her. “Don’t be silly. Of course you’re not like that,” he replied, wrapping an arm around her. “Arthur was just running his mouth. He didn’t mean it.”

Somehow she didn’t seem convinced. “But…I am pushy. And…and sometimes I don’t think before I act… And sometimes when you guys say something, I don’t hear you or I…” Before she could continue, a soft hand landed over her mouth. It was soon replaced by the ghost’s warm lips.

“I won’t deny you get excited or ahead of yourself sometimes,” Lewis began after he pulled away. “But Vivi, that doesn’t mean you don’t care. It just means you love what you do, and there’s no shame in that.” He gave the blue beauty a smile. “And if you didn’t care, then why did you protect Arthur from my rage? Why did you help me understand what really happened that night? Why do you always know what to say to get us excited for a mission?” Vivi soon found herself in the arms of her spectral boyfriend and she desperately tried to fight the stinging tears. “Why do you love us unconditionally even when we screw up?”

Lewis had a point. She could never stop loving her boys, no matter how childish or angry they got… “We wouldn’t follow you if we didn’t love you back, leader.” That earned Lewis a small nudge into his nonexistent stomach. Vivi’s only response was a laugh.

“Thanks Lew…”


After six hours with no updates, Vivi started to get worried. Lewis had gone out for a spell to grab some groceries (donned with some sunglasses) and was stunned by Vivi’s expression when he got back. “Is he still not home?”

“No…” She turned and stared up at him. “Lewis, he’s almost never gone this long. I’m…I’m worried.”

He couldn’t blame her. Lewis wasn’t around when this happened but from what Vivi told him, the last time Arthur had been gone for this long…

Well, she hadn’t let him get out of anyone’s sight for months afterwards. Lewis watched as Vivi pulled out her phone and called Arthur’s cell. “Come on Artie, pick up…” A faint noise came from Arthur’s room a few seconds later; Vivi’s ringtone. Arthur hadn’t taken his phone with him. “Great!” Vivi groaned and hung up, sifting through her contacts once more.

“Now who are you calling?”


Lewis could have whapped himself on the head. Well of course that would be the next person Vivi would call. As he set the groceries down, he could hear Vivi sighing in relief when she heard someone finally pick up the phone.

“Kingsmen Mechanics.”

“Lance? It’s Vivi.”

There was a small pause at the other end of the line. Vivi’s breath hitched. That didn’t feel like a good sigh. “Vivi? Why are you calling me? We’re just about to close.”

“I know, I know. I’m sorry. Is Arthur there? He left his phone here and we haven’t heard from him in hours and I’m getting worried.”

“No… He’s not here. I haven’t seen him all day.”

Vivi sent Lewis a worried look but Lance wasn’t done on the line. “Vivi, what’s going on? Where’s my nephew?” And when he didn’t get an answer, his volume increased. “You let him go off alone for that long?!” Vivi wasn’t the only one who knew what happened when Arthur had been missing for so long, and Lance had vowed to never let it happen again.

“I-I’m sorry!” The girl in blue whimpered back, eyes brimming with tears. “He –he was upset, and he needed space, and-!”

Before she got the chance to continue, Lewis gently took the phone from her. While he understood the mechanic’s anger and worry, yelling at Vivi wouldn’t solve anything. “Listen, Mr. Kingsmen,” he started. There wasn’t any need to ask who it was, even if Lance didn’t recognize the voice. Lewis was the only one who insisted on calling him that. “Arthur will be fine. We’re going to go out to look for him so just relax, alright?”

There was something that could only be described as a growl coming from the other line. “You sure as hell better.” And with a *click*, the line went dead. Lewis sighed and handed the phone back to Vivi but paused as he noticed her face was in her hands…she was crying.


“H-he was right…” Vivi sobbed out. “I r-really don’t care…I’m awful…! I was…” Lewis didn’t let her finish. He swept her up in his arms and held her close.

“Don’t say such things. None of us knew how upset he would be.” Gently Lewis pecked her cheek and gave her a kind smile. “Come on. We need to find him. Apologies can come afterwards.” He watched as Vivi nodded and wiped her eyes. Good, that was the Vivi he knew and loved. Always willing to help. Lewis turned towards Mystery. “We’ll all split up to find him. He didn’t take the van so he can’t be too far, and I have a feeling his uncle is looking too. Agreed?”

Both Mystery and Vivi nodded. Time to split up.


Lewis had to give Arthur credit; when he didn’t want to be found, he was very good at hiding. The blonde next to never showed this kind of cunning.

There was no doubt in the ghost’s mind that Arthur was still in town. And still alive. He’d know if one of his friends had died. And so far, while things hadn’t felt normal, it was nothing drastic.

Yet. He sent the Deadbeats out to search too…just in case.

In human guise with his handy pair of sunglasses, Lewis peered over the edge of a certain bridge that one of the Deadbeats had led him too. If he was remembering correctly, this was the same bridge Vivi had said Arthur…well…

That was the last thing Lewis wanted to think about. His golden heart beat worriedly from inside his vest.

“After my picture fades and darkness has turned to grey…”

Lewis froze. That voice. Despite next to never hearing it like that, there was no mistaking who the singing was coming from. He peered over the edge and immediately felt a sense of relief.

“Watching through windows, you’re wondering if I’m okay…”

There he was, under the bridge. He wasn’t hurt, thank god. It looked like Arthur had just settled under the bridge. For the whole time he was gone? Lewis certainly hoped that wasn’t the case. He could see Arthur’s eyes were bloodshot and the dried tear streaks still on his cheeks. That golden heart paled a little.

“Secrets stolen from deep inside…”

He watched Arthur exhale and Lewis tensed immediately. That wasn’t just his breath coming out…that was smoke. In his right hand Arthur had a cigarette. Lewis was under the impression that he had quit that awful habit ages ago. Evidently not…

The ghost floated down silently, making sure Arthur couldn’t see him. The blonde wasn’t paying attention anyway, too wrapped up in his cancer on a stick and trying to get the rest of these sorrowful notes out.

“The drum beats out of time…”

Arthur forgot how to breathe when he felt warm arms wrap around him from behind and Lewis nuzzled him softly. “Lewi-?!”

The ghost smiled softly at him. “If you’re lost, you can look – and you will find me. Time after time.”

“Lew…” Here he thought his tears had tried hours ago, but that wasn’t the case. Arthur began to tear up once again as Lewis sang the chorus.

“If you fall, I will catch you – I’ll be waiting. Time after time.”

Especially at that part. He didn’t deserve that. Lewis didn’t have anyone to catch him when he fell…literally.

“I haven’t heard you sing in so long.” The smile was still on Lewis’ face, his voice soft after the song ended and he began to wipe away his boyfriend’s tears. “What’s the occasion?”

Arthur looked away. “Th-there’s none…I just…I don’t know…felt like it, I guess.”

“Mm…” The ghost’s eyes trailed from Arthur’s face to what was in his hand. “You’re smoking.” Arthur could hear the disapproving tone in Lewis’ voice and he looked away, ashamed. Next to him, two empty packages of Marlboros on the gravel, sopping wet from the river. There was a third package in Arthur’s lap and it was already half gone. “You’ve been doing it all day, haven’t you?” Lewis didn’t have much of a sense of smell anymore and even he could smell the smoke on Arthur.

The mechanic couldn’t answer. It didn’t matter since Lewis knew the answer anyway. He didn’t fight when Lewis reached down and took the still lit cigarette from his fingers and put it out in the river. “Have you been here all day?” The answer came in the form of a nod. “We’ve been worried about you, you know. Especially Vivi.”

“…” Finally Arthur found the courage to speak again. “Was she mad…?”

“No,” Lewis replied while shaking his head. “She was sad, actually. What you said really hurt her.” He watched Arthur swallow the lump in his throat. “She’s been down on herself all day. Asking me ridiculous things like what if she really doesn’t care? Things like that.”

Arthur visibly winced. “I’m sorry… I didn’t mean it.”

“I know you didn’t. But I’m not the one to apologize to.” When he received no answer, Lewis sighed and stood up, pulling Arthur up with him. “You’ll come back, right? We missed you all day. We couldn’t even go on the mission without you.”

Another wince. Now he felt even more guilty… “O-okay… I gotta make things right with her.”

“Yes you do.” He was cut off as Arthur started to cough. Gee, where had that come from, Lewis wondered sarcastically. “And if you won’t then I will tell you how much you smoked today. Although,” Lewis narrowed an eye at Arthur, making him shy away. “She’ll probably be able to smell it on you.”

“Y-yeah…” Arthur made a pathetic attempt at a smile in between his hacking. “I do…kinda reek…”


The first thing Vivi did when the two of them made it back was tackle Arthur into a hug with a string of apologies. Arthur felt awful. She was practically sobbing into him and it was all his fault. “Vivi…” But Arthur stopped her and gave his own apologies. He didn’t mean what he said, and he could blame a lot of things for it…but he wouldn’t excuse his words. He knew she cared.

The second thing Vivi did was order Arthur into the shower to at least try to dampen the smell of smoke. Right as he was turning to do just that, she exclaimed, “And don’t think you’re getting out of my sight that easily, mister! I’m coming with you.”

Arthur halted and his cheeks flushed red. “Wh-what?!”

“You heard me. We were worried about you all day and you didn’t even bother to call or anything to tell us you were alive. I’m not leaving you alone, Artie.” Grabbing him by his vest, the bluenette began to drag her orange boyfriend into the bathroom. “Lew, you come too!”

“H-hey, hold on!”

Lewis grinned and floated right up next to them. “I’m coming.”

“Damn right you are.” Vivi was already removing her clothes on the way, leaving a nice trail of blue garments to the bathroom. “Now let’s clean this troublemaker up.”

MSA Prompt 1
I'm taking prompts on Tumblr and this was one of them. Probably one of the only ones I wrote that I like. The prompt was given to me by obsessive-enthusiast:…

I love the OT3 so much <3

All characters (c) Mystery Ben


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